Control my WiFi is compatible with the following modems. We are building new software for other modem brands all the time, but we have focused on building to the most popular modems first. As new modems become supported, we will update this page with the latest supported modem information.

Telstra Gateway

Gateway Max 2 and Smart Modems

Technicolor DJA0230TLS, Sagecom F@st 5355, NBN and ADSL

Don't have a compatible modem?

If you do not see your modem listed above or have a question about compatibility, you can ask us a question at our Helpdesk at

Recommended modems

You could also try purchasing one of the modems below if you don't have a supported modem but still want to use the Control my WiFi service.

  1. We have found that the Sagecom F@st 5355 modem is very fast, and a great choice for WiFi coverage and also compatible features with Control my WiFi. We recommend purchasing this modem, however double check that it is compatible with your Internet Service Provider before you buy any new modem.

  2. Also, the Technicolor DJA0230TLS modem is a good, fast modem that Telstra provides. Its WiFi range is good, and is compatible with Control my WiFi.

What type of device do you need to use our service?

Control my WiFi can control the internet connection for any device, however in order to use our App, you need an iPhone 5s or above, or an iPad. You can also manage your account and change device access on any computer/laptop with internet access.

We do not have an App for Android yet, this app is due to be complete towards the end of 2017



Technical support at your Home

If you would like help in installing a new modem, you can contact Geekmobile in Australia who have technicians who can come to your home and help you configure a new modem, help you with your NBN setup or any other computer support needs.